Customized Solutions

We know a solution that is custom built and run will achieve sustained results.

Assess-Design-Deploy is an iterative cycle that means we can deliver the optimum in customised solutions for each client.

Assess-Design-Deploy repeats at regular intervals, so that we can understand changing needs and maintain a capacity to refine solutions in a timely manner.


Assess enables us to align on your fundamentals:

  • How connected is your organisation and your leadership?
  • What are the priority areas that require focus – a project, a new strategy, or daily leadership practice?
  • How important is collaboration to a solution?
  • What is the status of your engagement system and capabilities?


Design captures the outcome of our Assess work and converts it into a work-plan.

Design includes confirmation of how engagement approaches will be structured and supported:

  • Which performance principles are particularly important to you?
  • What combination of know-how is needed from our C8 resources?
  • What input is needed from us – advisory, design work, facilitated intervention?
  • Who are the key sponsors, process owners, and target users; and how do we best meet their needs?

Details of initiatives, customised tools, roles & accountabilities all form part of the Design stage.


Deploy is the implementation and monitoring phase.

Here we work alongside front-line management and employees so they can act with confidence. Here we support your people through points of anxiety, and develop their confidence in new methods, new skills and each other.

Our deployment work is informed by the need to instil change in behaviours, and so typically include activities to support and monitor:

  • Governance arrangements -sponsors and stakeholders, and input into broad-based communication and feedback mechanisms
  • Development arrangements – investments in new skills and techniques, which in turn provides the basis for sustainable impact
  • Change & Performance – initiatives that demonstrate the benefit that engagement brings.