Our Work

We create the optimal infrastructure for productive forms of collaboration.

Engagements are too important to be left to chance, so our response is to develop an infrastructure that optimises how people connect at work.

The infrastructure comprises three elements – environment, conversation practices, and relationship status – so we will always look to impact these in mutually beneficial ways.

The contribution, and therefore focus of our work in each element, is clear:

Environment – Operating Model

  • Creating an environment in which people are expected (and accountable) for working productively together is a base requirement of lifting performance
  • We provide advice and evaluation support to align your strategic management frameworks, leadership models,  job design, and development processes to the objective of better connectedness.

Conversations – Capacity & Quality of Collaboration 

  • Connectivity is reinforced (or not) through your conversational routines so we work to lift the quality of daily decision making, bargaining, and issue resolution processes through productive forms of collaboration
  • Our support becomes the basis of new and improved engagement routines; so we focus on ensuring that you develop genuine capability, and that the use of new methods is appropriate, done well, and sufficient to support ongoing improvement.

Relationships – Alignment 

  • In many cases, the legacy of traditional models and behaviour is major disconnects between levels, functions, business units, and stakeholders.
  • Our work involves re-building productive connections and interfaces; so that their is a clear understanding and benefit of productive relationships
  • Employee relations is a particular niche where we are routinely engaged as experts in the re- design of structures, engagement systems, and leadership capabilities to support productive enterprises.  Bargaining Reform forms part of this work and can involve facilitated negotiations, design of customised “progressive bargaining” routines, and advice on bargaining strategies and capabilities.