Our Clients

Our clients view workforce relationships as key to their competitive advantage.

Our clients represent the full breadth of industry, government, and not-for profit sectors….which is no surprise as they all have to contend with changing environments and demands.

Our clients are led by executives who strive to prepare their workplaces for the performance challenges of tomorrow as well as today.

Our clients entrust us to support them through their engagement and execution challenges, be they in the context of major reforms or daily occurrences.

Examples of Major Reforms 






Consulted over a 7 year period with the Gippsland Operations to transform a 30 year history of adversarial industrial relationships.  The work resulted in a more consistent management approach to the field workforce, and the use of collaboration as a standard engagement practice for addressing performance challenges and innovations in staffing, coverage, and remuneration systems across the various locations.






Consulted over the 4 year period involving the conversion of the Kurnell Refinery to a terminal operation. The work involved co-ordination of HR/IR risk strategies and ongoing stewardship and carriage of engagement initiatives with field leaders, unions, and contractors. The Kurnell conversion program was delivered ahead of time and within budget, and formally recognised within the corporation and by the market as an exemplar for “working together” through a period of significant restructuring.






Engaged as Organisation Design consultants for the Future Post initiative. The work spanned an 8 year period and involved the progressive introduction of innovative team-based work systems led by local re-design teams/taskforce at each Mail Processing Centre across the country.  The core design arrangements remain in place today and underpin a shit toward greater levels of self-management, teamwork, and operational performance







Change consultants to reform the “safety culture” across the major Mills. Work involved facilitating re-design of structures, systems and capabilities to drive new safety focus and performance in a complex, adversarial unionised environment with significant contractor and community presence.






Consultants to re-design the department’s internal governance arrangements, work processes, and engagement protocols with departments to respond to a new Management Reform Program/Departmental funding model. The work also involved embedding quality principles and a continuous improvement focus in activities associated with the production of the annual State Budget.







Change Consultants to execute the department’s School Improvement/Blueprint agenda; work involved provision of advice, facilitation and co-ordination across seven (7) discrete initiatives that impacted service delivery to, and teaching practice in, Victoria’s public schools







Change Advisors to support re-design of Forensics department based on the adoption of a lean management philosophy. Work involved reconciling major points of difference on the blueprint and provision of frameworks, facilitation and coaching support for the initial stage of deployment known as the Service Delivery Enhancement Program.






Change Advisors an ICT Transformation strategy; worked closely with ISS executives; internal transformation team; representative re-design teams, and line managers/teams across the Bureau on engagement plans and capacity building

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