Scalable Solutions for Enterprise Development


Engage Pro

Engage Pro houses an engagements system “C8 Coach enables executives to be purposeful in maintaining collaboration as an enterprise norm ….and that’s the key to enterprise-wide workforce connectivity

  • Workplace leaders get better influence and impact in their decision routines
  • Teams get to leverage both collective know how and individual diversity
  • Industrial advisors gain more control and influence through new disciplines
  • Change agents get to reduce transition cycles and risk in reforms
  • Executives get a pathway to a better connected and sustainable high performance culture.

Habit Builder

You make big investments in training and developing your people — but what happens when a session is over? How will you know if your employees are applying what they’ve learned in their day-to-day? In the hustle of daily activities, it’s easy for your employees to fall back on old habits and behaviors.

Our 30-day habit tracker bridges the gap between learning new skills and establishing lasting habits, creating a window of visibility into how new behaviors are becoming embedded in your organization. When individuals embrace new behaviors, you can start to see the real return on your investment in their development, collectively achieving better results in the process.

The key is to enable individuals to integrate one small behavior change into their daily activities, while gaining visibility into what’s happening so that you can monitor progress.