C8 Coach



 “C8 Coach delivers Workforce Connectivity….if that’s important to you, then it’s time to get your coach” 

  • Connectivity is the key determinant in what your workforce can deliver
  • Connectivity starts and ends with your people and their routines; it’s what they do and how they do it that matters
  • Connectivity builds when people genuinely interact; and collaborative exchanges where people co-contribute and are assertive offers the richest connections
  • Connectivity is tested in complex engagements such as restructuring and bargaining, so these need to be managed well and leverage opportunities for collaborative exchanges
  • Connectivity enables people to solve complex problems, reconfigure processes, and adapt structures
  • Connectivity is one of the most critical organisation capabilities; without it, priorities around leadership, strategy execution, innovation, and culture remain aspirations or underachievers only


“C8 Coach enables executives to be purposeful in maintaining collaboration as an enterprise norm ….and that’s the key to enterprise-wide workforce connectivity ” 

 C8 Coach is organised into themes that recognise distinct users and the distinct engagement challenges they face

  • The Collaboration Desk theme connects individuals to each other and to new disciplines for working together
  • The Connected Leadership theme develops the capacity of connected leaders on a broad scale and regardless of role/title
  • The Industrial Engagement theme provides the engagement disciplines and practices to lead a unionised workforce
  • The Transformation theme provides the essentials needed to deliver system reform and improvement


“C8 Coach’s guidance offers results that cannot be easily replicated through other means”

  • Workplace leaders get better influence and impact in their decision routines
  • Teams get to leverage both collective know how and individual diversity
  • Industrial advisors gain more control and influence through new disciplines
  • Change agents get to reduce transition cycles and risk in reforms
  • Executives get a pathway to a better connected and sustainable high performance culture.



IMPORTANT REMINDER: When considering toolkit options, remember toolkits can operate on a stand-alone basis or in combination with other toolkits; so the question is which part of the Infrastructure do you need to build to connect stakeholders to your goals.