Time to tackle Enterprise Bargaining Sit-com

Headlines on enterprise bargaining make me feel trapped in a 20 year re-runs of the same sit-com; you know the one where there is ludicrous claims; deadlocks, and blame towards the rules of engagement.

Makes me think it’s time to change the writer and producer.  Let’s move past the plot of compliance fixes; we know they have done little to change practice.  Let’s get in a new team that understands if all you do is adjust controls, all you’ll get is more rhetoric and debate about controls.

Let’s work towards a new story-line based on a strategic management approach and the fundamentals of practice.  Let’s encourage the actors to explore:

  • the longer term view of bargaining, and its role in the engagement system?
  • engagement alternatives other than competition?
  • a quality focus on known variables and the planning to control these in upcoming cycles?
  • more professionalism in the development of Bargaining Representatives?

This is not fiction for there are those that have tackled these questions and seen some return.  Problem is, they and their experiences remain largely hidden.

Surely that’s a story worth sharing, and one that would benefit the overwhelming majority of  employers and employees.