Conversation -the Priority Fix for New Leadership Centre

Collaboration as a corporate value, a workplace strategy, a new form of organisation is regularly touted as part of the answer to the challenges we confront in workplace relationships and productivity.

Such promotion is legitimate so long as we recognise these forms of collaboration are environment setters, and results do not come from environment setters alone.

Performance requires new conversational routines – routines where there is direct and meaningful engagement; an understanding and response to underlying needs; and outcomes supported by a clear rationale. And it is here where the implementation challenge presents itself – this form of collaboration challenges many workplace traditions; appears hard to define and measure; and raises significant capability challenges for our workplace leaders.

Enter the new Centre for Workplace Leadership with a charter on lifting “workplace leadership” .  Surely, it’s start-point must be to promote a framework in which workplace leaders plan, execute, and improve the way they collaborate through their conversation routines. Change the conversation and reap the benefits derived through improved decision making, people leadership, consultation endeavours, and bargaining activities.

It’s definitely worth the conversation, and better than the alternatives!